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Oct 14,2021 | Marsha Fowlkes

Hello, this is the fifth project that Martha came back to share. This time I got new inspiration and brought a brand new experience for everyone. Today’s protagonist is here, haha, that’s it. I saw the shoes of passersby on the way home and suddenly got inspiration and made this product.

First of all, we need to use our die-cutting machine to cut out our shoe model. It should be noted that we need to cut out ten shoelace holes and a shoe model, as well as the border of the shoe and the decorative stickers on it. 

After we are ready to complete all the models, we can make them. First, paint the shoe model with color, then glue the frame to the shoe, then glue the shoelace hole and the decorative stickers one by one, and then we put it on with a rope Shoelaces, tie a beautiful bow by the way, and a perfect piece was born.
For the last one, you only need to find a harder cardboard, attach a layer of nice background paper to the cardboard, apply glue to the bottom of the finished shoe model, and attach it to the cardboard, so perfect!
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