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Hush, Halloween is coming,are you scared?

Oct 14,2021 | Marsha Fowlkes

Today I will share with you a story about Halloween:
In the fifth century BC, the Celtics who lived in Ireland at the time designated October 31st as the end of summer, which also symbolized the end of the year. They believed that on the eve of the transition between the old and the new, all the laws of time and space would be temporary. After a pause, the door to the spirit world will be opened this evening, allowing all ghosts to take the opportunity to wander around the world, looking for suitable substitutes everywhere, so that they can be reborn. Therefore, the Celtics were afraid of becoming the target of ghosts, so that they could extinguish the fire at home that night and pretend that no one is at home. At the same time, put on a hideous and terrifying mask, and walk around the streets together dressed as ghosts, creating a noisy atmosphere to drive away those wandering ghosts.

Gradually, these traditional customs have evolved into celebrations for today's young people. Everyone can play as ghosts and horses this evening and have a happy festival. There are adults and children involved, regardless of age, gender, class or nationality. Even if you are a coward, you can join them.

Especially children, most of them wear wizard hats and small cloaks, similar to the look of the little magician in the movie "Harry Potter". They parade with adults on the street. In Western countries, on Halloween, the whole street is It's like the scene of a grand masquerade party, very lively.
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