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Martha's Secret Garden!!!

Oct 14,2021 | Marsha Fowlkes

Cunning friends, welcome to Martha's Secret Garden. I am very happy to share my beautiful card with you. I like this flower very much, and I hope you like it too.

First of all, we used one of our Lifescraft Hand Knurling Die Cutting Machine die-cuts, it is very convenient, can easily shape the shape of flowers and leaves. We combined the die-cut flowers, leaves and branches, first fixed the leaves on our base plate and painted them with paint. I added a little detail and bend the flowers and leaves slightly to create a three-dimensional effect. The color part Gradient from the stamen to the petals. Then add your favorite decorations, you can mix and match at will.

Tell you quietly, remember to put white spots on the leaves, such leaves are like dew. The whole process is over, and a three-dimensional flower model card is completed.
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