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Let us make a wish quietly~

Oct 14,2021 | Marsha Fowlkes

Hey! How are you, buddy? Today, I brought new ideas, so come and complete it with me!
Today’s protagonist is it, wow, does it look great? I like this pendant snowman and pendant Christmas tree very much. It is so creative!

First, we need to cut out the knife mold first. Remember that we need to cut out two complete models so that the pendant can stand up. After cutting out two complete models, cross them together, and then fix them with two foot nails on the top. , Decorate the top with pearls.
The second step is to hang a snowman or a Christmas tree on the top hook and add a small bell to add some fun to our work.

Finally, color the hanging basket and snowman or Christmas tree, and our work is complete. Is the whole process very interesting, haha.
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