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Martha's Secret Garden Series --Card Inspiration

Nov 10,2021 | Marsha Fowlkes

Hello, I’m Martha, and I’m very happy to return to my blog today to share today’s super project. The gorgeous exotic flowers in this series inspired me to create this bright floral card to provide realistic flowers for different occasions. Coupled with the background of simple style design, a perfect work is produced. I like the matching of flowers and Tengman's dies . It makes people feel happy. Choosing a white background board will make the entire matching color stand out, and decorating the background board with a grid adds a sense of hierarchy to the original monotonous background. Use our die cutter to cut out flowers and vines. The flower can be slightly bent to make it more realistic. Paint the color and combine it with the vine. Add a light orange to the center of all the petals die-cut, and then flick from the center with a paint pen to add some quick color to the flower. Use a ring tool to shape the petals, and then use tweezers to bend the edges downward.

Zoom image

In the end, just add some decorations to the whole work and it's done. I hope you like my work.