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Nov 10,2021 | Marsha Fowlkes

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"Back! Klepetan is not dead, he is back!"
After 10 days of prayers from the whole city,
Cheers finally broke out in the square.
Lovers hugged and wept, and the radio broadcasts wildly. This Klepetan, who makes everyone look forward to the stars and the moon, is not a celebrity, nor is it a national hero.
But... a bird?
To be precise, it is still a love bird❤️
The 16-year love story of two white storks in a small town in Croatia is so touching.
Every spring, when the warmth is still cold, Klepetan will travel 13,000 kilometers from Africa to visit his wife Malena. Even if you may encounter disease, starvation, shooting...never absent. You may think that animals know what love is, but their stories have attracted the attention of 9 million people and successfully attracted the attention of the president of the country.
In this way, this pair of white storks became the real lovebirds and became the internet celebrity lovers in the animal world. They used 16 years of "long-distance love" to prove that true love is supreme, no matter how far away and time it is, it will eventually lose to love.
Because of the hunter's killing, Malena was hit in the wings and fell to the side of the road dying. After the kind Stjepan took her home and took good care of her, her life was saved, but due to her serious injuries, she could no longer fly a long distance. Malena met Klepetan a few years later and lived a happy life ever since. Someday, Klepetan disappeared, leaving Malena and a nest of young storks. After waiting for a whole day, they did not appear again. Because winter is approaching, even Klepetan can't resist the nature of migratory birds, and flocks to Africa to spend the winter. Since then, Malena who was "abandoned" can only live alone, and she is very sad. After a long time, suddenly one day, Klepetan came back. The shortest distance from South Africa to Croatia was at least 8,000 miles, which was about 13,000 kilometers. It will fly through Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and fly north along the African coastline. I don't know how many times I have to experience the torture of wind and snow, endure the exhaustion of hunger and day and night, and have to avoid the relentless guns of the hunters for countless times before it is possible to fly back here smoothly. And across thousands of rivers and mountains, just to see his beloved Malena.