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"All Surprises And Gifts Come From Those Who Love You"

Aug 24,2021 | Marsha Fowlkes

Hey ,my friends!Are you ready to receive my Christmas gift? Haha, today I brought you my new work, you can give it to your friends at Christmas, I believe they will love this exquisite gift.

When you receive it, it is just a simple Christmas tree knife mold, but you can use your hands to make a beautiful Christmas gift that belongs only to you.It is not difficult to make it. First, you have to prepare a thick base plate, and then apply glue on the back of the pressed knife mold model and stick it on the base plate. Note that the hollow part in the middle of the Christmas tree needs to be cut back and forth several times,to increase its force-bearing area, otherwise the hollowed-out part may not show up.

After completion, we can paint the Christmas tree model with colors, and the base can also be decorated with small pearls, small sequins or bows and other decorative objects. You can match it according to your favorite style. After that, you can write your greetings on the completed card, so that our Christmas card is successfully completed. Isn't it simple? You can try it yourself.
Finally, leave a small wish, hope that in our next life, there will be hard work, dedication, gain, happiness, Santa Claus and candy.
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